Bags etc.

suit bag for humppa uniform

For your humppa suit. Light polyester bag.

If you inform the first name I make a name card with random colour sticker alphabets.

10 bags made just for a test. And the next batch will be available as late as in late November.

Price: 27€

Small thermo bag

Minitermos 8€ löytyy täältä

Small thermo bag is big enough for 6 small or 4 big lemonade cans. And keep ice cream cool as well.

Price: 8€

modelreindeer, old is not dead:

Humppa harcore mussette bicycle bag (one long handle)

100% cotton bag

One long handle – adjust the lenghth simply with knot.

Great for cycling (as normal canvas bags are BAD for cycling).

Hand printed by Pekka Jokinen

Printed on demand once a week so shipping can take 1-2 weeks.

Price: 10€


Black reindeer shoulder bag

100% washed cotton canvas
zipper pocket inside
Size: 25x32x9cm

Stock sold, more to come before July 2020 (hopefully).

Free shipping.

Price: 25€

Gray shoulder bag

Size 25x30x10cm
Zipper closing with small inside zipper pocket.
100% cotton canvas 400g/m²


Price: 22€

Humppa beauty bag

For your essentials.

  • 100% Polyester (600D)
  • Handle and hanging hook
  • Zipper pocket outside
  • Zipper keeps the bag close
  • Two zipper pockets and many mesh pockets inside
  • Size:26x19x8cm

Price: 20€


moped music bag

“humppa & jenkka, music for moped cruising”

Price: 8€

Sport Bag

Hand printed 100% organic cotton.

Price: 8€

HUMP tote bag black print

Price: 9€

Hand printed. See the picture: every bag is unique as the printing is a bit rough and vintage.

Humppa in japanese text tote bag

Price: 8€


Hand printed on demand. Shipping in max two weeks.

See the pic for print quality, possibly not perfect but nicely rough.

tote bag stamp

Price: 8€

Natural organic cotton.

Blue print. Hand printed.

Humppa of Finland bag

Hand printed unique organic cotton bag. The darkness of the print might be lighter or darker.

Price: 8€

Retro shoulder bag


  • 28×30 cm, ok for A4
  • zipper side pocket
  • small zipper pocket inside
  • only in red

Free shipping to EU

Price: 30€


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