Welcome to Jokisen Valinta

This is the official Eläkeläiset webshop. From here you find all available humppa stuff. Shop is operated by eläkeläiset graphic designer Pekka Jokinen. GDBR: We do not have customer register and we do not collect your data. E-mails will be kept undeleted for few months and will be deleted asap if requested.

Shipping costs 2021

If items fit to letter

= C4 envelope less than 3 cm thick less than 500 grams (= T-shirt & smaller stuff)

Price include the global shipping in priority mail delivery if the total sum of the order is more than 24€. For orders less than 24€ the shipping and handling extra 3 € (only). (yes, the freaky 24€ is because I like to have free shipping to t-shirts and 24€ will be the normal price little by little).

  • all packets are shipped free to EU if the total sum is 100 € 130 € or more (Exeption: if the order includes more than two LP or double LP vinyl releaseases the shipping extra must be added) , to Finland if the sum is 80 € 100 € or more and everywhere if the sum is 200€  or more.
  • YOU must add an extra postage fee to your order (or I will request it from you). If an item needs a packet for shipping there is a mention of this on the item. The fix fees are  6 € 7 € to Finland, 9 € 10€ to EU Europe and 25 €  to other countries for up to 2 kg packet
  • Feel free to order with order form. I will add the shipping fee for you.
  • If you have added the shipping fee and the order comes without it I will return the extra payments automatically.

This works with PayPal:

  1. Find your favourite things
  2. Add stuff to the shopping chart
  3. Pay with PayPal and wait for the mail man or

You can pay with IBAN money transfer

  1. Fill the order form or send me an E-mail (indiefilms at indiefilms.fi)
  2. I send you an E-mail with payment instructions
  3. Pay at your web bank and wait for the mail man



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