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pic: Timo Isoaho

pic: Timo Isoaho

This is the official homepage of Eläkeläiset. Here you can find latest news and olds of us.

Bonuskaraoke: Sieluni huutaa humppaa

With this bonus karaoke, a song originally sung by our former drummer Kristian Voutilainen, we like to thank Kristian for all the fun we had together. Thumbs up to Krisu!

Sieluni huutaa humppaa karaoke:

Sieluni huutaa humppaa with lyrics:


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Humppa shop reminder

Our shop is on tour and will be back to online activity next week 14.10..

Celebration tour and the new EP Humpapörriäinen


We just released a new 5 song limited edition EP Humpapörriäinen that is available from the concerts for 8€ (if the stock lasts). You can also order this from Nordic Notes web shop. In Finland the EP is available after the tour only from Tehtaanmyymälä and Jokisen Valinta (if the stock lasts).

The mailing of EP starts after the tour 15.10. (From Nordic Notes web store even earlier) and in Germany the EP is also available from good record stores from 20.10.

On the tour we celebrate specially our accordionist virtuoso  Lassi Kinnunen who have played with us 20 years this autumn. Our graphic artist and merchandise guy Pekka is celebrating his 20-years with us with special offers and special bargain hand printed stuff. So see you in concerts.

The Tour:

Humppa shop spams

Our web shop is on tour and will reply to your orders next time 14.10. so please be patient.

Humppakaraoke 4/2014, Rattoisa humppa

Sing along with Petteri Halonen, also known as Hal-1.

Rattoisa humpppa karaoke:

Rattoisa humppa with lyrics:

Karaoke video bonus will be out 10.10.

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Humppa shop spams

Our shop is mailing stuff today (1.10.) and maybe tomorrow morning and then next time 14.10.

Humptoberfest 2014

New calendar files are online.

Download from here


Jokinen celebrates his 20th anniversary with the band and goes to tour with a load of bargain stuff. There is no mailing and replies to E-mails done from 2.10. to 14.10. Webeb shop special anniversary offers will be online in November so stay tuned. Happy 20th birthday to Jokisen Valinta!