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pic: Timo Isoaho

pic: Timo Isoaho

This is the official homepage of Eläkeläiset. Here you can find latest news and olds of us.

Tapio Santaharju

We have a new old drummer. Thank you Kristian and welcome back Tapio Santaharju.


Calendar pictures for July are here.


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Jokisen Valinta is the best.

May – no live gigs this month

Thank you for being there. Our spring tour is done and now we rest for a while.



New calendar pictures are here.


During the festival season we have only 4 gigs. Two times Humpfonia!, one normal festival and a club gig in midsummer city festival Valtteri in Tampere, Finland.

In september we will do a short tour in somewhere. These dates will be confirmed during summer.

  • 10.9.2014 TBA
  • 11.9.2014 TBA
  • 12.9.2014 TBA
  • 13.9.2014 TBA
  • 14.9.2014 TBA
  • 14.9.2014 Finland, Radio Rock -cruise, BUY TICKET

In October we come to central Europe once again. Dates and venues Are here. And after this tour we have a longer break so there will be no spring tour in 2015. But some humppa will happen in 2015 for sure.

Jokisen valinta web shop OUR WEB SHOP is mailing stuff almost every day now. There will be some nice bargain hand printed summer shirts coming and naturally all the stuff is amazing.

The Great Comeback of the Kings of Humppa 2014

No niin. /YES!

Saksa, Itävalta, Unkari, Puola, Hollanti ja Tsekki. Täältä pölähtää./Here we come!


We are coming to have fun again so please be welcome to join us. It is boring to play alone. Just few things you should remember:

  • No stage diving please. And do not come to dance to the stage.  The stage is our playground. Really. This is for safety reasons and for comfort of the whole audience. Thank you.
  • Please do not rush to the merchandise desk. Our one guy does his best to serve you. People who rush to the front of the longer waiting people will be served last. Lets be polite and have fun there too.

And the tour schedule is here.

*The show times are from our tour bible and the stage times may change so these times are for advise only.


The calendar pictures for April are downloadable here

Humppa shop on tour

Nettikauppamme on humppakiertueella 3.-22.4. eikäsilloin postittele eikä vastaile. Tilaaminen kannattaa kuitenkin aina./Our web shop is touring s no mailings between 3.-22.4. and replies to you messages will probably not be answered during that time Web Shop Spam