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Kuva: Harri Hinkka

Photo: Harri Hinkka

This is the official homepage of Eläkeläiset. Here you can find latest news and olds of us.

The Great Comeback of the Kings of Humppa 2014

No niin. /YES!

Saksa, Itävalta, Unkari, Puola, Hollanti ja Tsekki. Täältä pölähtää./Here we come!


We are coming to have fun again so please be welcome to join us. It is boring to play alone. Just few things you should remember:

  • No stage diving please. And do not come to dance to the stage.  The stage is our playground. Really. This is for safety reasons and for comfort of the whole audience. Thank you.
  • Please do not rush to the merchandise desk. Our one guy does his best to serve you. People who rush to the front of the longer waiting people will be served last. Lets be polite and have fun there too.

And the tour schedule is here.

*The show times are from our tour bible and the stage times may change so these times are for advise only.


The calendar pictures for April are downloadable here

Humppa shop on tour

Nettikauppamme on humppakiertueella 3.-22.4. eikäsilloin postittele eikä vastaile. Tilaaminen kannattaa kuitenkin aina./Our web shop is touring s no mailings between 3.-22.4. and replies to you messages will probably not be answered during that time Web Shop Spam



Humphony of destruction! In March we play two special gigs with Kuopio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ensio Hienonen.

Pre party at Malja, Kuopio on thursday 20.3. starting 17 PM

Kuopio Music Centre, Kuopio, Finland
Perjantai 21.03.2014 klo 19:00
tickets: Lippupiste & also from Music Centre ticket office

Culture house (Kulttuuritalo), Helsinki, Finland
Lauantai 22.03.2014 klo 19:00
tickets: Lippupalvelu

Humpfonia! gigs are the only ones in Finland during the spring season but do not forget our spring tour.

Calendar picture for January 2014 is dedicated to Arnhelm Lux who made our own cactus hybrids and the Botania botanical garden in our hometown Joensuu where you can see them. And get a free postcard like the picture as long as the stock lasts. Download calendar files from here.


Jokisen Valinta relaxes The web shop is having a mailing break 20.12.2013 – 12.1.2014. During January and February we mail only once a week and please prepare that the e-mails will be answered with a delay.
Pekka spams

To Russia with humppa!

The last humppa gigs this year will be played in Russia. So welcome all to celebrate the finals of our 20th anniversary!

See you there:

Our greetings to Moscow:


and to St Petersburg:


New CD is out!

The new CD Humppakalmisto was released 15.11.

Here is the video:

And the cover looks like this. You can buy it from a good record store, our web shop or from our publisher in Germany.


And we also made some short clips for you. Unfortunately these will open to Finnish speaking people if any. Here you are::

Humptober without humppa

Download your new calendar files from Pekkas D.I.Y. central

This is the final art themed boring calendar picture from Pekka. And there is more good news for all humppa fans. The new CD is coming in November and there will be some nice video stuff coming before that. Stay alert and keep on humppa.


We have two more gigs coming in Finland this year. 15.11. at Ilokivi, Jyväskylä (BUY TICKET) and 16.11. at Kerubi, Joensuu (BUY TICKET). See you there!

Web shop goes strong

Our lovely and over stuffed web market will release a nice winter hat collection on the first week of October and the pre order special pacs of the new CD will be also available during this month. Pekka spams