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pic: Timo Isoaho

pic: Timo Isoaho

This is the official homepage of Eläkeläiset. Here you can find latest news and olds of us.

December update

We have a new calendar picture available. Download the pdf from  here (or clic the pic).


And as far as we know we have one confirmed gig:

  • 9.12. SF, Lahti, Möysä (this was cancelled but that was misinformation)

10.12. there might be something and we let you know as soon as we know.

Our Web Shop

Jokisen Valinta have been updated. Now you have to add a flat shipping fee if you order stuff that have to be sent in a packet. Also the prices of the big stuff went down so now the big stuff should be cheaper for you. The shop uses DHL GlobalMail that also is fast (but no tracking numbers).

Some of the stuff will be sold out and to avoid the rush, please place your order in time.

There is some nice re-prints and new stuff updated (New x-mas balls!).

Please remember that the shop is kept very manually and in this rush season it might take some time to reply to your order.


November and humppa!


Download the calendar file from here.

Our web shop is a place to visit. Some special limited offers are not to be announced in social media.

And here are the gigs:

  • 25.11. SF, Pori, Bar Kino
  • 26.11. SF, Turku, Logomo (+ Klamydia) BUY TICKET
  • 9.12. SF, Lahti, Möysä
  • 10.12. SF, TBA

October 2016 news



The calendar page for October is downloadable here.

And here are the last gigs for this year:


And The Humppa Aktivität 2017 tour is like this:

FR 21.04. Germany, Hamburg, Markthalle
SA 22.04. Germany, Hannover, Faust
SO 23.04. Germany, Münster, Gleis 22
MO 24.04. Germany, Bochum, BH Langendreer
DI 25.04. Germany, Köln, Underground
MI 26.04. Germany, Karlsruhe, Substage
DO 27.04. Germany, Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
FR 28.04. Germany, München, Technikum, BUY TICKET
SA 29.04. Austria, AT – Wien, Szene
SO 30.04. Germany, Bamberg, Live Club
MO 01.05. Germany, Leipzig, Moritzbastei
DI 02.05. Germany, Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei
MI 03.05. Germany, Annaberg Buchholz, Alte Brauerei
DO 04.05. Germany, Jena, F-Haus BUY TICKET
FR 05.05. Germany, Dresden, Beatpol
SA 06.05. Germany, Berlin, Astra BUY TICKET

Last summertime gigs and a legendary bus trip

The last summer season gigs are:

Our merchandise kiosk will be present at Rovaniemi and Somero with small shop so if you have special requests please contact our web shop (indiefilms@indiefilms.fi)


Bus trip from Helsinki to Somero 13.8.

Our web shop Jokisen Valinta have organised a bus tour to our last summer gig where you can also enjoy M.A. Nurminen with his Underground Rock Orchestra

  • Tickets: Use the PayPal button bellow or contact Pekka (indiefilms@indiefilms.fi).
  • Price: The bus trip Helsinki-Esakallio-Helsinki 25 €, bust trip + concert ticket 54 € (incl. VAT 10%,) The last seats might be more expensive!
  • Start: klo 19.00 Helsiki by the  Kamppi subway station in front of SAS blu hotel (tourist bus stop , adress Runeberginkatu 2 ).
  • Return: about. 30 min after the concerts that will be 01.00-01.15 AM. We will pack some gear and musicians in and return to start point in Helsinki.
  • Stops: Veikkola on the both ways and special requests at Helsinki area are welcome. The Bus continues probably to Porvoo from Helsinki.
  • Bus: Bussari will provide us a nice tour with good quality bus wit WC. So you must behave and keep your place clean.
  • The ticket: You will get abroad with your ID and you will get the concert ticket latest when we ar at the venue.
  • More info comes with the payment confirmation.
  • Return and cancelling policy: No cancelling.

Please be welcome and chose your options bellow or contact Pekka indiefilms@indiefilms.fi

Matkalippu = only the bus ticket 25€
matkalippu ja konserttilippu = bus and concert 54 €



Esakallion matka


If you happen to be at Wien, Austria you might be interested of the DotDotDot film event. On Thursday 18th of August there will be screening with a film called Tango Finlandia directed by two guys very active in our band (and also acting small parts in the film). One of the directors will be there presenting the film so if you see someone like our merchandise guy there he probably is the same dude, just with different role and different name. Give him some nice humppa greetings!