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pic: Timo Isoaho

pic: Timo Isoaho

This is the official homepage of Eläkeläiset. Here you can find latest news and olds of us.

December update

All gigs played this year. Thank you all. We love you too.


Great humppa lottery! Unbelievable prizes! 


Make a tweet with tag #elakelaisetband or make a good reply to our Facebook status about this lottery  before 18.12. 12AM and you can win a lifetime ban and Access No Areas pass to all Eläkeläiset concerts ever.

If you order stuff from our web shop before the deadline you can win too. The prizes are:
-1st prize: A ban to all Eläkeläiset gigs for whole last year 2015 with Access No Areas pass
-2nd and 3rd prize: A ban for 6 months to Eläkeläiset gigs played in last year with Access No Areas pass
+ 12 pcs of special monthly bans to Eläkeläiset gigs already played in 2015.
To participate to the lottery please make a note to your order: I want to participate the lottery

So get you free no entry and save money, buy stuff, reply the FB status this or twit wise nonsense with #elakelaisetband

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Jokisen Valinta will serve you until new year before winter break.


Calendar files you find here

November = no gigs

Download your calendar pics from here

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Our shop mails stuff almost every day and there will be some x-mas specials available too.



Dear Friends,

It is time to fly fast and high with the best humppa music on earth. This is our 19th year of touring in Germany so thank you people for your long time strong support.

There is no plans for tours in Europe for 2016 so please come to enjoy our smooth dance music on these venues:

And remember: no stage diving, no rude and bad behaviour. Humppa = love and happiness!

Truly, there will be NO spring or autumn tour in Germany in 2016. Some weekend gigs are possible (venues and festivals, please contact our bookers).


Do not forget to download our fine art calendar pictures from Pekka Jokinen D.I.Y. centre:)


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Our shop will not serve you during the tour but please place your orders. Pekka will take care of shippings after the tour.

One more month without live action (August update)

One more month to wait before live shows. Booooooring! New calendar files are here


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Our shop is back from holidays so orders will be mailed fast again.

Live action coming soon: