Humppa liebt Dich 2024

Blooming Central Europe beckons. Come along and dance around Germany and the Czech Republic. Festive evenings of dance music, wonderful beerhouses, spring nature and incomparable cultural sites await you too. #HumppaLiebtDich

26.4. Frankfurt, Zoom TICKETS
27.4. Münster, Gleis 22 TICKETS
28.4. Bochum, BH Langendreer TICKETS
29.4. Jena, F-Haus TICKETS
30.4. Hallstadt, Kulturboden TICKETS
1.5. Plzen, Pod Lampou WEB
2.5. Neukieritzsch, Rock am Kuhteich WEB
3.5. Potsdam, Lindenpark TICKETS
4.5. Hannover, Faust e.V. TICKETS