Pekka’s DIY corner

November BONUS DIY: Medal

Celebrate whatever with medal! (Thanks to Riippumatto for idea and photos)

This is basicly what you need.
Cut the side of the bottle cap to the head.
Fold every second cut to the side and others under the head of the cap.
Find some textile and cut 3×10 cm piece. Do not cut your finger.
Put safety pin to the other end of the strip. Be careful.

Noe you need a stapler.

Staple the bottle cap to the other end of the textile strip.

You are almost done now:

So nice!.

You can modify the medals with different cuttings and foldings:

Remember also the variability of the textile materials .

Final tuning:

Use double sided tape to attach an Eläkeläiset badge to the medal.

Use your creativity::

This medal is specially designed for our road crew.

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