Random Humppa Machine Tour 1.-16.4.

Dear friends. It is spring and time to have a humppa good time together. This is going to be great fun again.

Please remember:
– Our merchandise is sold with cash only. And usually there is only Pekka at the desk so please try to tolerate a little rush.
– Photos and video are ok. Let the cameras roll:)
– NO STAGE DIVING – please, bitte, danke, thank you!


  1. Arnhelm 25.03.2011 klo 14:17:

    Of course I will be there in Bochum !! And maybe even at some other gigs….
    Greetings from Germany,

  2. Sepp 25.03.2011 klo 20:27:

    Let there be…HUMPPA!!

    Lai LaLa Lai!!!

  3. Tobias 04.04.2011 klo 13:32:

    Hi guys!

    I saw your concert in Szene Vienna – very cool! Is there any chance to get the yellow poster either digital in hi-res or can I buy it somewhere?
    Highly appreciate your help!


  4. Chris 06.04.2011 klo 12:57:

    Why not in Switzerland? :-((

  5. Petteri Keskinen 11.04.2011 klo 14:41:

    Suomalaisen rehdin humpan lippua on taas pidetty todella korkealla.
    Kesällä sitten Suomessa vastaava kiertue!

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