No live feed from ESC Finnish finals

There is no international internet live feed from Finnish ESC finals on saturday. You must wait someone to load it to youtube.


  1. Arnhelm 29.01.2010 klo 22:41:

    However……from me the best wishes….you will reach the final !!! So sad, that I can`t watch it live will all fingers crossed !!!

  2. Pekka Jokinen 30.01.2010 klo 02:36:

    Jihaa… We try to put an agent to the audience to update the new Facebook and Twitter pages to keep you in touch!

    Whatever…. Lordi made a comic book after they win the complete crap and our comic Korkeajännitys is already is sold out from the normal shops – and the real MONSTER-DVD Sekoilun ytimessä sold gold about 3 years a go. Is there something more to do? Humppa neutron bomb? Humppa is the next Abba anyway:)

  3. humppaman 30.01.2010 klo 04:49:

    also best wishes from me and the humppajugend dresden……..see you in wroclaw!!!!!!!!!

    humppa for europe :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    today evening we take a video as a tribute to this song


  4. Marc 30.01.2010 klo 09:37:

    Good luck you guys! Lets hope you can humppanize Europe!!

  5. Sepp 30.01.2010 klo 17:20:

    But you could post the phone number of the vote here?

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