No live feed from ESC Finnish finals

There is no international internet live feed from Finnish ESC finals on saturday. You must wait someone to load it to youtube.

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  1. Arnhelm 29.01.2010 klo 22:41:

    However……from me the best wishes….you will reach the final !!! So sad, that I can`t watch it live will all fingers crossed !!!

  2. Pekka Jokinen 30.01.2010 klo 02:36:

    Jihaa… We try to put an agent to the audience to update the new Facebook and Twitter pages to keep you in touch!

    Whatever…. Lordi made a comic book after they win the complete crap and our comic Korkeajännitys is already is sold out from the normal shops – and the real MONSTER-DVD Sekoilun ytimessä sold gold about 3 years a go. Is there something more to do? Humppa neutron bomb? Humppa is the next Abba anyway:)

  3. humppaman 30.01.2010 klo 04:49:

    also best wishes from me and the humppajugend dresden……..see you in wroclaw!!!!!!!!!

    humppa for europe :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    today evening we take a video as a tribute to this song


  4. Marc 30.01.2010 klo 09:37:

    Good luck you guys! Lets hope you can humppanize Europe!!

  5. Sepp 30.01.2010 klo 17:20:

    But you could post the phone number of the vote here?


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