Spring Mode and more humppa to come

In the summer of -18, whatever it means, we will do some festival gigs in Finland but in September it…
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Spring break

  Cheerio! We are on holiday, see you on June 8th!

Autumn and some plans for 2018

Hi ho! Trailer here: In the end of this year we only play in Finland: 27.10 Rovaniemi, Comico 28.10 Sodankylä,…
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Summer season for humppa folks

This summer we will humppa in Finland on the following events. Also watch out for new videos. 23.06 tba 24.06 day Nummirock,…
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Humppa of Finland & Humppa Aktivität 2017

Good news. Our new CD Humppa of Finland will be out 21.4.2017 so it is available on our spring tour….
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