Humppa beer is here

Beverage: beer
Brewery: Hiisi
Band: US!

We put our heads together with the Hiisi brewery from Jyväskylä and made some humppa. The result is a tasty easy-to-drink, easy-to-dance beer made in Finland. The strength of the drink is 5%, one percent for each of the master musicians in our band.

The first pints will be poured in Joensuu’s 60ś palaver pub on September 1. at 6 pm and after that you can get drinks from somewhere else and probably also from shops, but we don’t know where yet. We will announce on social media and we will also list pleasure and shopping places here as soon as we get information about them.

The brewery is working on to export this tasty drink so hopefully this will also be available outside Finland.

Humppa is or have been available:


  • HIISI Taproom & Bottleshop
  • Tanssisali Lutakko
  • Harry’s
  • Sohwi
  • Jalo
  • Unelma Happy Bar
  • K-Citymarket Palokka
  • K-Citymarket Seppälä
  • K-Citymarket Keljo
  • K-Supermarket Länsiväylä
  • Prisma Seppä
  • Prisma Palokka
  • Prisma Keljo
  • Mestarin Herkku
  • S-Market Tourula
  • S-Market Kolmikulma
  • S-Market Kuokkala
  • S-Market Vaajala
  • S-Market Savela
  • S-Market Muurame
  • S-Market Jämsä


  • Stone’s
  • William K Kurvi
  • Hemingway’s Tennispalatsi
  • Tower Craft Beer


  • Taproom D20


  • K-Citymarket Kupittaa


  • Ukkometso


  • K-Citymarket Kerava


  • Deli Bakers


  • 60’s Palaver
  • K-Supermarket Rantakylä