Humppasirkus & Humppasheikkailu vinyls are out 17.9.2021

More well done high quality vinyl re-releases:

Humppasirkus (2006):

  • double LP
  • gatefold covers
  • colour vinyls (lila)
  • bonus on  D-side: Das Humppawerk EP
  • inlay with Humppawerk EP covers
  • non CD bonus track Humppa-arvoitus

Humppasheikkailu (2012):

  • LP + 6 trac 12″ 45 rpm maxi EP
  • gatefold covers
  • colour vinyls (brown)
  • 4 page picture inlay
  • hidden CD track Humppapaimen included

Order from our lovely web shop or from your trusted dealer.

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