Humppa Attack – Der Humppainfarkt tour 2012

Our new CD Humppasheikkailu jumped to number 5 in the official Finnish charts! And next we are doing our traditional spring break in Germany, Holland and Austria. There will be great new songs among the well known original classics to sing along. Be there! As far as we know about 1/2 of the concert tickets are already sold – thanks to you!

Here is a once video clip from our Helsinki concert (this new song is not even recorded yet)

To make the concerts the best ever we like to remind you about few things:

NO stage diving please!

This is a security and comfort issue to us. Really. As we sit down behind our tables the chain reaction at worst will be like this: your ass pushes the table – the table pushes the microphone stand – and the mic hits to someones mouth and teeth and that fucking HURTS! – we know! So you are not welcome to the stage and we will sing happier without any broken teeth:)

It is ok to take photos

Yes. If you like to take photos or make video or audio recordings just do it. No problem.

Tour merchandise

As always we have some nice tour merchandise available – cash only. Our graphic designer Pekka is taking care of the shop alone so in some venues there will be some queue but please be patient, do not push other people and do not rush. Pushers will be sent to the back of the queue and ladies are sometimes served first:)

Keyboard donation campaign

If you have extra working keyboards (Yamaha, Technics, JVC, or whatever) that you would like to donate to Onni or Halonen we would be more than happy give to your instrument a nice and violent last trip in some of our future concerts. You can contact us via Facebook before – and in any case Pekka will be at the merchandise desk when the doors open to receive the donations. For compensation we can offer MAYBE a free entrance (or something else) but do not count on that:)

So hi-de-ho, it is humppa time again. See you there:

* = with the great supporting band Gankino Circus

Jokisen Valinta
Our web shop is on the road so there will be no mailing 11.4.-2.5. Also the answering to the orders can happpen with a longer delay but you can place your order normally. First oders will be served first in case that some stuff is sold out.
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