Eläkeläiset x-mas calendar 2010 14/24

Click the picture if you dare.

This is the  video update of our X-mas calendar 2010. The films are in YouTube but you can see them only if you know the link that will be released here at humppa.com every morning. Naturally you can release the link on your web page and spread it as much you like if you dare.

Today is day for some fresh footage directly from the future and thanks for the Humppaleaks scandal. The song D.A.L.L.A.P.E. is just a demo version and it is not recorded yet.

See the footage.

Jokisen Valinta
Our shop takes the last x-mas orders tomorrow 15.12. The special offers are still valid.
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  1. M 14.12.2010 klo 08:29:

    Sähäkkä koreografia.

  2. Minna 14.12.2010 klo 15:14:

    Uskalsin. Onks tää sitä rivitanssia?

  3. Petteri Keskinen 22.12.2010 klo 18:24:

    Näyttää jonotanssilta. Heh. Hyvä kipale.

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