Eläkeläiset X-mas calendar 1/24

Humppa Provinssissa 1995

This is a Humppa Nightmare Before Christmas. We will release a set of 24 never before seen humppa videos from our black box recorder (or we try to do that). One video every day.

The films are in YouTube but you can see them only if you know the link that will be released here at humppa.com some time of the day. Naturally you can release the link on your web page and spread it as much you like if you dare.

The first video is from our glory days in Finland when we were touring with our own stage. This one is from Provinssirock, Seinäjoki 1995 when Tapio Santaharju was palying the drums. Give also big hand for the dynamic camera crew of our director/editor Leo Petäjäkorpi.



  1. Crazy Humppaman Sven 02.12.2010 klo 00:14:

    Nice idear!! Fantastic. Thanks!!!

  2. Eila 02.12.2010 klo 08:54:

    Tästä olen kovin iloinen!

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