Hulluna humpasta sing along & karaoke

Nuket valmiina tanssikohtauksen kuvauksiin.

Hulluna humpasta is our candidate to the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. Please feel free to learn some essential Finnish words with the sing along -version and after rehersals just do the karaoke. Remember to upload your performance to YouTube.


  1. Humpan henki 15.12.2009 klo 20:59:

    Pistäkää biisin nuotit jakoon niin saadaan “play alone” versiokin.

  2. Kolja 20.01.2010 klo 23:34:

    Hi there,
    we’ll try to make a karaoke-version. We have a german translation of the lyrics, but one word is unknown yet: Who or what is “kuppari”

  3. Kuppaaja 21.01.2010 klo 07:37:

    “Kuppari” does traditional healing stuff which is related to the Chinese acupuncture. Where acupuncture just teases you with needles, kuppari pulls all the bad blood from you through the holes she makes (usually kuppari is a she) with special sucking thingies. Method is known all around the world so there has to be a word for it in English or German. There has been kupparis already in Mesopotamia 3300 BC. See images: Kuppari has also other functions in traditional Finnish society than healing. Some may even think that she could be a kind of a witch.

  4. Kolja 21.01.2010 klo 23:34:

    Kiitos avusta!

  5. ari 30.01.2010 klo 10:14:

    on muuten kielen kääntäjillä tekemistä tämän kappaleen kanssa! hahaa. kiitokset karaoke vireoista.

  6. Pekka Jokinen 11.02.2010 klo 21:54:

    Kolja! Great!!!

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