Eläkeläisten viisukalenteri 25.1.2010

Kihelmöivää viisufinaalin odottelua helpottaa riemukas Humppabingo-peli (pdf-tiedosto, 1,2 MB). Pelivälineiksi tarvitset lisäksi vain valikoiman hyvää suomalaista humppamusiikkia, kahvia, pullaa ja mehua.


4 kommenttia

  1. sepp 27.01.2010 klo 00:46:


    very good stuff and the best is that I can play it alone! (I don’t have friends)

    Pekka has always great ideas!!! (do you want to become a friend?)

    Now I’m missing some glue to complete the cubic construction… Maybe I have to go to the shop tomorrow and buy some. But my bones are so old and hurt…

    Sepp (eläkeläiset)


  2. Pekka Jokinen 27.01.2010 klo 00:55:

    You can just cut the pieces out like cards and play with them:)

  3. Sepp 27.01.2010 klo 11:01:

    So you don’t want to be my friend?

    I’ve some coffee and a cake and soon some glue!

  4. Sepp 08.02.2010 klo 19:45:

    I had some coffee and a cake here today, so I decided to drink some coffee and eat some cake and to use the glue to glue some awesome stuffz together.
    After I finished that I also agglutinated Pekkas handicrafts.:D
    Pekka have a look here:

    I would not be surprised if you want to be my friend now.



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