Frente Humppa – espanjalainen humppaseura

frente humppaEspanjalainen humppaseura Frente Humppa on virallistanut itsensä. Mahtavaa!

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  1. Daniel 28.10.2009 klo 15:00:

    welcome to the humppa family!!!

    daniel/humppajugend ruhrpott

  2. Jaakko 28.10.2009 klo 16:41:

    One of us (me, actually :D) lives in Bochum, which means we could maybe meet and go together to that april gig here.

  3. Daniel 28.10.2009 klo 19:48:

    that´s good.i live in bottrop.maybe we´ve met before.:D

  4. Jaakko 28.10.2009 klo 20:32:

    Maybe in some metal thing or at a Bahnhof 😉 Ich schreibe dir meine E-mail, falls wir irgendwann uns treffen könnten: flavio.belisario at gmail dot com. Grüss!

  5. pöty 31.10.2009 klo 13:10:

    Greeetings from capitol of humppa (Joensuu)!
    Wellcome to humppaworld our spanish friends.
    Check out our website


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