Random Humppa Machine Tour 2011


  • 01.04.2011 Hamburg, Markthalle
  • 02.04.2011 Hannover, Faust
  • 03.04.2011 Bielefeld, KAMP
  • 04.04.2011 Haarlem (NL), Patronaat
  • 05.04.2011 Aachen, Musikbunker
  • 06.04.2011 Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer
  • 07.04.2011  Rüsselsheim, Hotel Adler – TICKETS
  • 08.04.2011 Karlsruhe, Substage – (even more than) 10 years Humppa in town Anniversary party!
  • 09.04.2011 München, Backstage – TICKETS
  • 10.04.2011 Wien (A), Szene
  • 11.04.2011 Traun  (A), Spinnerei
  • 12.04.2011 Regensburg Alte Mälzerei
  • 13.04.2011 Erlangen, E werk
  • 14.04.2011 Leipzig, Moritzbastei
  • 15.04.2011 Dresden, Neue Menza
  • 16.04.2011 Berlin, Astra – TICKETS

Our ESC 2010 rally is over:)

rainbow people

Eläkeläiset ended up to be one of the three participants on the super finals at the Finnish ESC contest and ended up to be the third. Thank you for all supporters, support groups and voters. Instead of five handsome men Finnish voters decided to send two charming ladies to Oslo. With accordion on stage and a song with nice humppa rhythm. All ten thumbs up for Kuunkuiskaajat from the band and a lot more from the crew.

Enjoy the two final performances on the same YouTube clip:

To support humppa Polish Humppa Team made a hilarious translation of our song Hulluna humpasta. Vocals have been recorded in one take, with one microphone for everyone and no overdubs. Ashka made the video. Priceless!

Enjoy Przed granicą weź w baniaque! (YouTube link)  and keep on humppa!

Added 4.1.2010: Moods during final days was followed by Ajankohtainen kakkonen. All in Finnish. (YouTube link)

Humppavision continues

We will have a new gig next week (30.1.) at the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest finals. Short show with only one song: Hulluna humpasta.

See our semifinal performance from last friday 22.1.2010 at YouTube. A lot of humppa fans were attending the event and the feeling was great.

Do not forget to enjoy the official sing along and karaoke videos.

Get more fun from the karaoke version by Polish Humppa Team. Its not a surprise that these guys made it first. We are waiting for YOUR version!


Maistelutoverit – Band of Pultsars -juhlakiertue oli ja meni. Ja niin meni Saksankin Humppa Unted -kiertue. Kiitos kaikille ja ensi kerralla lissää.

band of pultsars