Humppa Attack 2012

Our next spring tour looks like this:

  • 13.4.2012 Hamburg, Markthalle
  • 14.4.2012 Hannover, Faust
  • 15.4.2012 Gütersloh, Die Weberei
  • 16.4.2012 NL- Haarlem, Patronat
  • 17.4.2012 Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreher
  • 18.4.2012 Frankfurt, Das Bett
  • 19.4.2012 Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik
  • 20.4.2012 München, Backstage TICKETS
  • 21.4.2012 Wien, Szene
  • 22.4.2012 Wien, Szene
  • 23.4.2012 Traun, Spinnerei
  • 24.4.2012 Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei
  • 25.4.2012 Erlangen E-Werk
  • 26.4.2012 Jena, F-Haus TICKETS
  • 27.4.2012 Dresden, Alter Schlachthof TICKETS
  • 28.4.2012 Berlin, Astra TICKETS
See you there!

Calendar files for October

Clic yourself to the DIY/download centre.

October and all files can be found from Pekkas DIY pages.

Jokisen Valinta
Our web shop is now easier to use. The PayPal works but you can still make your order in an old fashioned E-mail way.
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Humppa calendar for September

Humppa the Pooh
Clic the pic for the printable pdf file.

All the files can be found on Pekkas DIY center.

Jokisen Valinta
Our humppa shop will be under renovation in September and when the new shop opens some of the T-shirt prices will go up a bit (+1€) . This is because – eh – the T-shirt prices have gone up twice this year, the taxes have gone up 1% lately, the postage costs have gone up about 3 times during the last 5 years or so while our prices have been the same. So – this just happens. So buy it now and save! Anyhow we try to keep the prices tolerable and the quality will remain superb.
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Thank you for 2011 and see you later!

Ohi on.
See you in 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for 2011. No more gigs this year but we will be somehow active in internet. Maybe. And in 2012 there will be a new album, some gigs in Finland in mid March and once again a massive humppa celebration tour in Germany, Austria and Netherlands starting in mid April. Stay tuned and keep on humppa!