Humppa of Finland & Humppa Aktivität 2017

Good news. Our new CD Humppa of Finland will be out 21.4.2017 so it is available on our spring tour. Jan of Finland (Andersson) made the great cover art. On the album there is a bunch of special guests but we do not tell the names yet. If you live in Europe and not in Scandinavia you should order the record from Nordic Notes in case that there is no record shop near you. Support your local record dealer!

And here is the video single Robottihumppa, maybe the weirdest song on the album.

And more new songs you will hear on our gigs in Finland (With Stam1na):

Humppa Aktivität 2017

We started touring in Germany in 1996 and because last year we stayed home this tour is somehow an anniversary. Celebrating 21 years of coming to you. So see you there!

21.04. DE, Hamburg, Markthalle BUY TICKETS
22.04. DE, Hannover, Faust BUY TICKETS
23.04. DE, Münster, Gleis 22, BUY TICKET here, here or here
24.04. DE, Bochum, BH Langendreer BUY TICKET
25.04. DE, Köln, Underground
26.04. DE, Karlsruhe, Substage, BUY TICKET (support: Stam1na)
27.04. DE, Wiesbaden, Schlachthof, (support: Stam1na), BUY TICKET
28.04. DE, München, Technikum, BUY TICKET or BUY TICKET, (support: Stam1na)
29.04. AT, Wien, Szene, BUY TICKET
30.04. DE, Bamberg, Live Club, BUY TICKET
01.05. DE, Leipzig, Moritzbastei
02.05. DE, Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei
03.05. DE, Annaberg Buchholz, Alte Brauerei, BUY TICKET
04.05. DE, Jena, F-Haus, BUY TICKET
05.05. DE, Dresden, Beatpol, BUY TICKET
06.05. DE, Berlin, Astra BUY TICKET

Celebration tour and the new EP Humpapörriäinen


We just released a new 5 song limited edition EP Humpapörriäinen that is available from the concerts for 8€ (if the stock lasts). You can also order this from Nordic Notes web shop. In Finland the EP is available after the tour only from Tehtaanmyymälä and Jokisen Valinta (if the stock lasts).

The mailing of EP starts after the tour 15.10. (From Nordic Notes web store even earlier) and in Germany the EP is also available from good record stores from 20.10.

On the tour we celebrate specially our accordionist virtuoso  Lassi Kinnunen who have played with us 20 years this autumn. Our graphic artist and merchandise guy Pekka is celebrating his 20-years with us with special offers and special bargain hand printed stuff. So see you in concerts.

The Tour:

Humppa shop spams

Our web shop is on tour and will reply to your orders next time 14.10. so please be patient.

New CD is out!

The new CD Humppakalmisto was released 15.11.

Here is the video:

And the cover looks like this. You can buy it from a good record store, our web shop or from our publisher in Germany.


And we also made some short clips for you. Unfortunately these will open to Finnish speaking people if any. Here you are::

Humppa goes Oslo! ESC? What?

Eläkeläiset is by the way the only Finnish act performing in Oslo next saturday. Welcome! The ESC finals are screened at Gamla club first and about 23 PM the Finnish humppa starts to kick asses.

48 great humppa songs on the new 2CD. The soundtrack of your life!

This is the official Scandinavian release gig of our new best of compilation Humppabingo. Available at Gamla (ltd. amount with autographs).

Jokisen Valinta
Do not forget to visit our web shop.
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Remastered CD & some new gigs

Humpan kuninkaan hovissa

Remastered Digipak of our second CD is released in Finland. The CD includes two bonus tracks by Kristian Voutilainen: Koti-Karjalan kaipuu ja Jaakkiman siirtoväki. These songs were previously released only on our ultra rare Joulumanteli C-cassette.

The loosers of Finnish Eurovision Song Cotest 2010 can be seen on thursday 25.3. in Tallin, Estonia where we play at Rock Cafe with JMKE and on  20.4. will be our debut gig in Bryssel, Belgium (Espace 53).

Jokisen Valinta web shop
Humpan kuninkaan hovissa CD is available at our web shop and during March you get it cry cheap together with a t-shirt. The new scarf is also available now (cheap pre order price during March)
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