Blooming Central Europe beckons. Come along and dance around Germany and the Czech Republic. Festive evenings of dance music, wonderful beerhouses, spring nature and incomparable cultural sites await you too. #HumppaLiebtDich

26.4. Frankfurt, Zoom TICKETS
27.4. Münster, Gleis 22 TICKETS
28.4. Bochum, BH Langendreer TICKETS
29.4. Jena, F-Haus TICKETS
30.4. Hallstadt, Kulturboden TICKETS
1.5. Plzen, Pod Lampou WEB
2.5. Neukieritzsch, Rock am Kuhteich WEB
3.5. Potsdam, Lindenpark TICKETS
4.5. Hannover, Faust e.V. TICKETS