May is a good month for humppa

Download the calendar files from HERE

The picture seems to be a recent photo taken somewhere in Austria. And ho ho ho, there are more gigs to come:

  • 29.04.2013 Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei
  • 30.04.2013 Erlangen, E-Werk
  • 01.05.2013 Annaberg, Buchholz Alte Brauerei
  • 02.05.2013 CZ-Plzen, Pod Lampou
  • 03.05.2013 Dresden, Alter Schlachthof
  • 04.05.2013 Berlin, Astra

Also in Finland:

  • 24.05.2013 Ylöjärvi, Pöheikön Pölläys
  • 25.05.2013 Joensuu, Kerubi, 20th anniversary club celebration

Web shop is on the road

Our web shop starts mailing stuff 8.5. and during May you will find some great new kids clothes there.Spam, Pekka, spam