Humppa calendar for March 2011

Ok. This month we seem to have Humppis & Humphead directly from the Simpsons, playing humppa on the ice of lake Laatokka. Also for iPad and iPhone 4. All the files can be found on Pekkas DIY center. The picture is a link to the printable (A4) pdf-file.

Humppa calendar 3/2011

Jokisen Valinta
Our humppa shop is releasing new stuff during March.
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  1. Jylppy 25.02.2011 klo 10:57:

    Missä sade? Have you ever seen the reindeer?

  2. Petteri Keskinen 26.02.2011 klo 07:47:

    Eeppisyyttä. Mahtavia parodioita, lisää näitä. Ehdottomasti lisää.

  3. Pekka Jokinen 26.02.2011 klo 10:57:

    Sitä mitä sattuu tulemaan on kalenterilinjaus tänä vuonna. Kommenteista kiitäen, Pena.

  4. Sepp 26.02.2011 klo 23:56:

    great stuff, thank you so much Pekka!!!
    Looking forward to the Bavarian concerts!
    See you there!

  5. Pekka Jokinen 27.02.2011 klo 11:51:

    Thank you! Waiting for the tour too (with a bit of horror – 16 gigs on a row, rough and fun:). – Pekka

  6. Sepp 05.03.2011 klo 01:21:

    I’ll support you with some free beers 😉
    (like always)

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