Special humppa shop offers in November

Only for few days we have some new items for sale with special prices. Pekka is also clearing his shelves so some old found stuff is for sale very cheap. Just take a look at the SPECIAL OFFERS.


  1. Quint van Petten 12.10.2017 klo 14:08:

    Why aren’t you playing in Holland no more ?
    Forget the gig in Amsterdam they havened got humor .
    They take them self to serious , and Haarlem was must more fun anyhow .
    Please Please please come play in Alkmaar or Haarlem .
    I know about 16 man hoe love to go .

  2. Rick Todhunter 14.12.2017 klo 16:50:

    Please please please come to the US! What would it take to get you here? I live just outside of Boston and can promise you guys would be super-popular here. I could also promise all the beer you can drink. maybe I could start a Humppa fan club?

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