Humppajugend pages are moving soon

Please be prepared to some changes for the wunderbar Humppajugend Fan Club pages. Humppajugend society pages are moderated by Marc, the inventor of Humppajugends and it works on volunteer base. There should be a free alternative to be the home base for this free community. As we know the humppa friendship circle works internationally and the communication hub is good way for us all to connect, find travel company and even accommodations around.


We hope that Marc will have energy and time to find the way to work this out and if someone have any ideas please let us (and Marc) know. The pages and web locations are changing but the Humppajugends will stay. Keep on humppa!

And if you have some Humppajugend locals at web somewhere – please let us know:)

This is the note from Marc:

“Hello everybody, Hallo zusammen!

I’m sorry but this site will undergo some drastic changes. I’ve used a service called Ning to built this community site. But now they are changing and start to charge for their service. While there is a very basic cheap plan the only one that would make sense to use will be priced 20$ per month, and I just can’t afford that. So I will stop using this service in a few days. I’ll set up something new that will last. Sorry about that, I learned a lesson here.  But Humppa will live on. And so will Humppajugend. It might take some time to get a new site running. Please check for updates. 



  1. Juhani Onkalo 21.08.2010 klo 19:44:

    Kävisikö Spruz: ? Ainakin osan Ningin sivun tiedoista voi siirtää suoraan ja sivuilla on aika lailla samanlainen rakenne.

    Ningin rahanahneet takinkääntäjät jääköön humpatta loppuelämäkseen.

  2. Jake 21.08.2010 klo 20:06:

    Spruz tosiaan on hyvä ehdotus. Eräs toinenkin sivusto siirretään sinne missä minä olen. Samanlainen rakenne sprutskilla on.

  3. Pekka Jokinen 08.09.2010 klo 03:46:

    Jep. Infottu eteen ja päin. Kiitos.

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