Remastered CD & some new gigs

Humpan kuninkaan hovissa

Remastered Digipak of our second CD is released in Finland. The CD includes two bonus tracks by Kristian Voutilainen: Koti-Karjalan kaipuu ja Jaakkiman siirtoväki. These songs were previously released only on our ultra rare Joulumanteli C-cassette.

The loosers of Finnish Eurovision Song Cotest 2010 can be seen on thursday 25.3. in Tallin, Estonia where we play at Rock Cafe with JMKE and on  20.4. will be our debut gig in Bryssel, Belgium (Espace 53).

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Humpan kuninkaan hovissa CD is available at our web shop and during March you get it cry cheap together with a t-shirt. The new scarf is also available now (cheap pre order price during March)
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