Calendar files for December 2009

Download our December (= joulukuu) wallpapers and printable calendar page. This was a great humppa year but the next will be better. We have no idea if there is a downloadable calendar next year but the downloadable file for self printable christmas cards will be released around  independence day of Finland 6.12.


Download files from our D.I.Y. page.


  1. Pakko 30.11.2009 klo 08:44:

    Onko Pekallakin siinä klasit silmillä?

  2. Pekka Jokinen 30.11.2009 klo 08:58:

    Lukulasit. On muuten tällä hetkellä toinen linssi irti.

  3. Kiwittäjä 03.12.2009 klo 03:55:


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