Jokisen Valinta tarjoaa halvennusta

Humppakaupassamme on marraskuun loppuun asti erikoisia tarjouksia koska Jokinen siivoaa hyllyjä ja järjestelee.

Uusia tuotteita päivittyy tarjousvalikoimiin jossakin vaiheessa (valokuvat on jo otettu mutta kamera hävisi varastokaaoksen keskelle).


Alesivulle mars.

5 kommenttia

  1. Quint van Petten 12.10.2017 klo 14:08:

    Why aren’t you playing in Holland no more ?
    Forget the gig in Amsterdam they havened got humor .
    They take them self to serious , and Haarlem was must more fun anyhow .
    Please Please please come play in Alkmaar or Haarlem .
    I know about 16 man hoe love to go .

  2. Rick Todhunter 14.12.2017 klo 16:50:

    Please please please come to the US! What would it take to get you here? I live just outside of Boston and can promise you guys would be super-popular here. I could also promise all the beer you can drink. maybe I could start a Humppa fan club?

    • Hendrickson Dorkenschmeel 11.02.2018 klo 04:46:

      Rick Todhunter I agree. If you do plan to come to the U.S.A I would love to go to your concert!

  3. Jan Lettow 09.01.2021 klo 21:24:

    Terve, minä olen Jan, I’ve been following your band for some 15 years now. You are the reason why I started learning Finnish. I am a musician playing in pubs and I cover some of your covers.
    I will be in Hamburg at the Markthalle to see you again and have a request: could I sing elän humppalla with you? I’d be delighted
    All the best Jan
    If you want to check my YouTube channel: macwottle is my artistic name

  4. Reini 12.02.2021 klo 06:57:

    Hey when in regensburg again
    We drunk so much vodka backstage at furschtchl
    With marion


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