The band

People on stage

Onni Waris, keys and vocals
Onni kills keyboards for breakfest and makes most of our lyrics.
Martti Waris, bass and vocals
The screaming devil of humppa.
Tapio Santaharju, drums and vocals. 
Tapio is the best humppa drummer on earth.
Lassi Kinnunen, accordion and vocals
Lassi the savage or Lassi the cute. Not up to you.
Petteri Halonen, keys, guitar and vocals
Hal-1. The one that can speak fluent German.

People off stage or at home

Pekka Jokinen, graphics, merchandise and tour management
Pekka has been drinking around since 1994.
Sakari Rantala & Kaino Liimatainen
In Finland we have this thing called Sakari and Kaino. A mix man and a transportation captain in two persons. If you need a second hand car Sakari might help you but if you need to reach your destination Kaino is the man. Serious guys. See also Kainos music video at YouTube.
Ilmari Koivuluhta, mixing, transportation and tour management
Ilmari is partly retired from touring. Our legendary mixman who kept the band together when abroad in early days.
Karzan Kaartinen, mixing and transportation
Karzan took Ilmaris place 2005 and the band experienced the its first fast u-turn.
V. Salainen, transportation
Kaino Liimatainen, transportation
Sakari Kuvaja, mixing, bombs and lights

Retireds & replacements

Petteri Terävä, guitar and vocals
Kristian Voutilainen, drums and vocals
Tapani Vänskä, bass and vocals
Keijo Tirkkonen, mandolin and vocals
Johannes Peura, keys and vocals
Sakari Liimatainen, drums and vocals
Tuomas Vihro, banjo and vocals