C-cassette six pack of Finnish humppa from last century

Price : 12 €

6 pcs of C-tape compilations:

  • Mahtihumpat (1992)
  • Tupla humpat (1982)
  • Humpan Huumaa (1985)
  • Tanssin taikaa 2. Humppasuosikit (1986)
  • Tunturihumpat ja -foxit (1999)
  • Joensuun humppamarkkinat (1992)

Totally 110 tracks of Finnish humppa at its worst or best. Songs like Joensuun humppa, Kolin humppa, Imatra, Näsijärvi, Pohjola,  Bulu bulu bulu, Sot sot sot, Hyljätty, Erokirje heilille, Jätkän humppa and Silmät tummat kuin yö are mostly not the original recordings (but some are) and the most popular tunes you can find in few times.

With this compilation you can stop paying for Spotify.

Will be delivered almost nicely wrapped in Eläkeläiset poster.

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