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Scandinavia, Estonia and Russia

Our gigs in Finland, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Danmark and Iceland are booked by Piikkikasvi.

Other EU-Europe and Switzerland

Please contact Beste Unterhaltung.

Private parties and gigs

No thanks. Private parties and gigs are only possible in the countries we have not played before. Please contact to our web shop guy Pekka indiefilms(at)

Exotic continents and countries

For some time from now Eläkeläiset is willing and able to make concerts far away from Europe basically for free. We only need transportation, accommodation, food, a lot of alcohol, a small drum kit and some reasonable daily money for 7-8 persons. In the case that you are ready for this kind of booking madness please contact to our web shop guy Pekka indiefilms(at)

So: China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and the whole S.E. Asia + Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, USA, Canada and the whole American continent + Senegal, Namibia, Egypt, Kenya, Somalia and the whole Africa + Australia and New Zealand + India + all Arabic countries with a free flow of alcohol. We are ready! Are you?